Meet Samantha, Geelong based Virtual Assistant helping your business

Are you wondering how a Virtual Assistant can help your business?

Here’s how it all works

The way we do business has rapidly changed over the years. People have embraced technology, and all the online platforms have made businesses reassess the old ways of doing things.

With the recent COVID pandemic, businesses have once again had to reinvent the way they work. Employees were asked to work from home where they could, quickly needing to learn new technology and discovering things like Zoom to keep staff connected. Who knows, this may become the new normal for many businesses going forward!

I’ve been running my home-based Virtual Assistant business for a while now, so the whole working from home concept isn’t new to me.

And with more businesses working remotely and seeing the value of outsourcing, there’s never been a better time to be a Virtual Assistant (a VA). If you’ve never heard of a VA, or you’re perhaps looking to become one, here’s a rundown on what it’s all about.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is a business owner who provides other business with remote admin and customer service support. They work with you in your business and help you with all those tasks that take away your focus.

As a fellow business owner, a VA understands how a business works. They know all the ‘bits’ you need to get done for your business to run effectively. From the smaller things like email management through to the bigger picture money-making things like sales funnels, you’ll find VA's cover everything you need help within your business.

You’ll find that VA's tend to specialise in their area of expertise, drawing on their past experiences (usually from corporate jobs) and the training they’ve invested in to support their business.

Businesses often have a ‘team’ of VA's, each helping with a specific area. You’ll find Virtual Assistants can help you with:

  • General Administration – email management, typing, PowerPoint presentations etc.

  • Event Management – online bookings, venue sourcing, catering, travel arrangements

  • Appointment setting and reminder services

  • Website building, maintenance and copywriting

  • Social media creation, posting and moderating

  • Policies and procedures (and putting systems in place)

  • And so much more

Why would you choose a Virtual Assistant over an employee?

If you know you need a hand with your business, but you’re not sure which way to go, here’s why using a VA can be more beneficial than an employee.

  • You only pay for the time your VA works, or for the package amount you’ve agreed on

  • You don’t need to pay taxes, superannuation or leave as your VA is a contractor and takes care of that for themselves

  • You don’t need to supply an office or any equipment

  • As VA's work remotely, you can find the right person to help you, and it doesn’t matter where they’re located

  • You can build a team of VA's who are all specialists, so you don’t need to spend time training an employee to be a jack of all trades

  • Most VA's offer flexible services, so they can do as much or as little work as you need (you won’t be wasting money on an employee who sits around doing nothing during the quiet times)

A quick bit about me!

I’ve lived in Geelong for most of my life and absolutely love it here. The lifestyle and community are second to none and I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home. The beauty of being a VA is that I can help clients from any location, learning about their little pieces of paradise.

I started Trade Your Time VA to not only be home with my son but to help fellow business mum's by taking some of the pressure off them. As mum’s, we tend to ‘do it all’, but we don’t have to.

I help with items such as customer service emails, client invoices and quotes, calendar management, social media scheduling and moderating comments, updating website products and photos, personal concierge services and much more.

Want to find out how a Virtual Assistant can help your business?

If you’d like to find out how a VA can help you, please get in touch. I’d love to hear about you and your business and see how I can help you. If it’s something I don’t offer, I have a network of other VA's I can tap into to help you find your perfect business partner.

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